Our own partnership, like the horse and horseman, is a union with a sole purpose -- bringing greater joy into our lives. Like all partnerships, our challenges have helped us grow closer together, building greater trust and confidence and always, more joy.

The foundation we teach, both in the exercises and in the way we do them, create the basis for achieving any goal with your horse. This work not only builds trust and confidence in yourself with your horse, it will spill over into all areas of your life.

Is there something within you that has the desire to ride a bigger dream? Would you like to improve upon your communication skills with your horse? Or perhaps you would like to maximize the time you spend with your horse to create more joyful experiences and simply feel like you are “doing it right.” We give you the guidance to achieve all this. You might be thinking: “Well, Robert and Janet, I don’t know where to begin.” That is where we can help you. Not only with where to begin, but how to  navigate your journey successfully to achieve greater things.

Awaken Your Dream
Ask Yourself

We offer two ways we can begin our journey working together. You can choose one or the other, or both, for the approach that sounds like the most fun and rewarding for you.


Working directly with us here at our ranch


Receiving guidance and support on a daily basis at your own barn

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