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Building Trust and Confidence


About Us

Inspired Horseman was created from the joy we experience when we are inspired. This is a journey-based way of riding where we become more grateful for who we and our horse are. The results show up when we are lost in the joy of the doing, inspired.


To see the lightbulb turn on in both horse and rider when something more beautiful happens. 

This is both mystical and magical, and we prefer not to put limitations on what could be.

This is about building deeper connections, trust and confidence through experiences of learning.

Expand Your Joy

We believe that we already know how to be greater. It often takes support and celebration to inspire this growth.

If you have a passion or desire within, we want you to know it is possible. If you are committed, there is no better time than the present to get started.

Our First Love

We offer two ways we can begin our journey working together. You can choose one or the other, or both, for the approach that sounds like the most fun and rewarding for you.




Meet The Teachers


When I was a kid our family had horses... lots of them... I learned that the horses could be my friends. They were friends I could trust. They were honest and for the most part they were trusting of me, that is until I started getting lots of horse advice. Soon I didn't know where or how to move ahead with the horses and I found myself pursuing other things.


Years later I reconnected with horses after meeting and riding with a few truly great horsemen and there began a journey that I have been on ever since.


I know what it is like to experience that really great connection with a horse and now is my time to share the adventure. I believe that connection is possible for everyone. Our desire for a trusting, harmonious and joyful relationship with the horse must be very clear, and that desire must be much greater than the challenges we will face.


I feel fortunate to have met and rode with the late Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance and later with Buck Brannaman back in the 80s and 90s.  In the 90s I was inspired to begin to help other horse owners create better partnerships through private and group lessons. At around that time I began to dream about creating the perfect experiential facility to share and develop harmonious partnerships.


I still remember as a child my love for horses. I watched a movie that left a lasting impression upon me about a young boy and his horse. The partnership showed trust, and was touching. This is the basis for my horse journey.


I grew up in the city, yet created opportunities to be with horses and ponies. When one has a deep desire, it seems nothing can stop it. At the age of 12, my sister and I bought a horse. This still is one of the most exciting moments in my life.


In the later 90s I enjoyed dressage.  I purchased a Thoroughbred off the track who, I later learned, was troubled and I did not have the skills to help him.  This horse was my ticket back to focusing on the partnership. That is when I found a wonderful teacher, Greg Eliel, a student of Buck Brannaman.  This opened the door to many more fantastic teachers of the horse and self.


As my passion and success grew with the horse, I began teaching part-time in 1998.

Meet the Teachers
Robert and Janet Phinney

Our hearts brought us together in marriage. Together we began creating new opportunities through building a successful horsemanship business together. In 2006, we began teaching part-time together here in the northwest. We both continued to expand on Robert's dream to create an experiential facility at our home.


Since 2010, we have been teaching full time, building better horse-human partnerships. Our different teaching styles complement each other. They are a great asset in helping our clients deepen their understanding.


We have been blessed with wonderful teachers, both horses and humans, and continue to be so. Our life is a journey and it can keep getting better. We want to thank you for reading our website. You are the reason we teach. We are thankful for all that we learn through aspiring to be the best teachers and horseman we can be.

We had a desire to expand and in 2021 we took the plunge.


Working Equitation is a fun sport that celebrates the different disciplines while challenging all to ride at higher levels. Teaching to the pattern, obstacles and cattle gives purpose to the horses and meaning to the riders.


As we looked for an enjoyable and understandable method to help us achieve higher levels of riding, we discovered French Classical Dressage and Philippe Karl's Ecole de Légèreté. 


We are just babes in the woods when it comes to both of these, however we are finding greater connections as we learn more about both and progress along our journey.

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