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Increasing Skills and Understanding

Clinic/Lesson Schedule 2024


A big part of the journey is developing awareness

Private & Semi-Private & Online Lessons

Illuminate your style with individualized guidance.


All Year


Our Farm or Yours


Hello@InspiredHorseman.comJanet @ 509-520-7599


$75 an hour

Harmonizing: Cattle, French Classical Dressage, Working Equitation

Finding ease, better balance, maneuverability and improved partnership through understanding.


June 21-23

August 30-September 1


Foothills of the Blue Mountains near Dayton WA


Janet @ 509-520-7599



Cowabunga: Understanding Cattle Work

Build confidence throughout while learning to read cattle, improving your horse maneuverability and working as a team.


May 24-26 

August 2-4 


Foothills of the Blue Mountains near Dayton WA


Janet @ 509-520-7599



Go Deeper: Cattle, Riding Out, French Classical Dressage, Obstacles

Taking time to discovering more of yourself and your horse through playing with all the experiences our place has to offer.


July 22-26


Foothills of the Blue Mountains near Dayton WA


Janet @ 509-520-7599



2-Day Cattle Working Clinic + Friday Private Lessons - Beavercreek OR

Hosted by Stacie Burgess


June 7, 8-9


Beavercreek OR


Stacie Burgess - (503) 513-7050


Contact Stacie Burgess

“Time spent with my horse not only improves my life, but all those around me.”


If the above statement best describes you, then you will love our clinics.

At Our Ranch


Horsemanship is a fun journey of discovery of ourselves and our horses.

Loving what you do brings out the best results.

Laughing at ourselves is always a plus. 

Our Foundation

Our foundation has always been about developing better partnerships and is a mix of three things.


The first is a feel-based horsemanship we have come to love from the teachings of Tom and Bill Dorrance and their close followers.


The second is the teachings of those who admire and practice the traditions of the early California style of horsemanship.


And the third, and fairly new for us is Traditional French Classical Equitation.

All of the teachings we have gleaned from these three loves work with the mind, body and spirit of the horse. They all share that any problems are not the fault of the horse, or anyone else. They are just opportunities to change for the better.  And that both the spirit of the horse and the human joined together offer an experience hard to duplicate in anything else.

Our Future

We are absolutely giddy about the next part of our journey which is to take these foundations and expand on them to develop our artistic approach into the "High School" riding and into the sport of Working Equitation.

Our Philosophy

Each day we:

  • Visit over coffee or tea about topics to open our minds to better understand ourselves and our horses and our riding methods.

  • Improve our skills to develop the horse through movements and exercises in an arena using patterns and obstacles.

  • Work with cattle or ride outside in the fields and forests. 

  • Take time to reflect about our experiences and share.

  • Enjoy meals together.

Safety, fun and building trust and confidence are a very important part of successful learning.

A few kind words from one of our clients from a clinic held here.

“Your hospitality was the highlight of the clinic.”

“I am super happy with my horse and myself.”

Our Daily Clinic Approach

We offer two-, three- and five-day clinics here at our ranch.  The price is $200 per day. 

A $300 non-refundable deposit holds your reservation. Final payment due thirty days prior to the clinic.

This price includes a paddock for your horse, an RV or tent accommodations, and access to the facility amenities mentioned below.

At Our Ranch

Our ranch is in the upper foothills of the Blue Mountains at around 3400 feet elevation near Dayton, Washington. We chose this location for the purpose of creating a livestock and horsemanship facility that would offer unlimited experiences for deepening the connection between the horse and rider. It has proven to be perfect for this purpose.

We have developed this peaceful property to include a safe and comfortable covered arena, horse corrals, other outdoor corrals for riding and cattle working. Riding through the naturalness of the land around the facility gives us opportunities for putting skills to work. Working with cattle and obstacles are yet additional fun ways to strengthen our understanding. All this brings about experiences that increases awareness and confident partnership.

Our goal is that you feel safe, comfortable, and connect to nature. We have an outdoor shower, outhouse and an outdoor kitchen. Accommodations for vehicle and tent camping are also available.  Experience our comfortable off grid solar living.

2024 Home Clinic Dates
  • May 24-26

  • June 21-23

  • July 22-26

  • August 3-4

  • August 30-Sept 1

Private & Semi-private Lessons

​Lessons help you further your partnership, building greater trust, confidence and skills. 


We will focus on both groundwork and ridden exercises, going deeper, creating a more responsive and happy horse. Each partnership will practice at their level, furthering their skills, understanding, and abilities. 


The location can be at our ranch in the foothills of the Blue Mountains May - October, or your place if you live in the Walla Walla Area, or via live stream video using Move n See or Pivo.


The price is $75 an hour.

Text or email to schedule your lesson.

Horsemanship Lessons

Working with Cattle

Come ride with us and learn the ins and outs of working with cattle.


Experience reading and moving cattle so that they learn to be responsive, and good natured, regarding the cow and the horse. We are not in a hurry, using patience, persistence, listening, feeling, regarding developing understanding and trust. Practicing these skills lead to intuitive action.


You will:

  • Learn how to think like a cow and more, understanding their movement and how this relates to their survival needs.

  • The moves required with your horse to make it all work, so, back to good horsemanship.

  • Ground beef: This is time where you work the cow from the ground, learning how to read and move them and even draw them your way. And how to use team work to get the job done more efficiently.

  • Making time to build confidence for both you and your horse.

  • Lastly mounted. Learn about proper positioning, angle of your horse and body language of both you and your horse, and how beneficial it can be in moving cattle. 

Learning to work with cattle in this way develops skills that will build confidence in both you and your horse. We start moving very slowly and increase the speed as you and your horse improve your maneuverability and cattle reading skills. In cattle work, the cattle, horse and rider come first, before the competition. 

We believe that learning to read the cattle, along with artful riding, offers not only fun but also improves the connection with your horse.

This cattle approach is used in all of our teachings.

Prior cattle or working equitation experience welcome but not necessary. We are very good at helping you and your horse to be comfortable with cattle. 

Cattle Working

Working Equitation

Working Equitation is a fast-growing sport in the United States, and we have been enjoying the people as well as the sport with our horses. We feel like it has brought a breath of fresh air to our riding, challenging us in very fun ways.

It's been said that Working Equitation is like "Classical Dressage on Steroids"
And that's a pretty good description.
Not just Fun, but potential for a true "High School" Journey...

Our teachings are focused on Horsemanship, which is about the horse and rider, developing each unique partnership to their fuller harmonious potential. 

We have only been involved in Working Equitation since 2021 and do not consider ourselves experts by any means.

We use Working Equitation and cattle which gives us the pleasure to experience all four trials; Dressage, EOH, Speed and Cattle.

Prior Working Equitation welcome, but not required.

Wildwood Blue_4119_edited.jpg
Working Equitation

French Classical Dressage

This is new love of Janet's, one that has called her since her 30's.


The method that we have discovered and are practicing is Philippe Karl's ECOLE DE LÉGÈRETÉ.


We have been studying and practicing since 2020. We are by no means experts, but we thoroughly enjoy the simplicity and depth. 


We have a delightful teacher, Pippa Callanan who has studied French Classical Equitation for many years. Recently she was Philippe Karl's working student for two years taking care of High Noon, riding him when Philippe Karl was on tour. See more about her at 


If you would like to host an Inspired Horseman clinic,

we would enjoy hearing from you

Robert Phinney - (509)520-8777

Janet Phinney - (509)520-7599

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