Increasing Skills and Understanding

Clinic/Lesson Schedule


A big part of the journey is developing awareness

Horsemanship Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Tuesday - Saturday Mornings


December 2021- April 2022


Dayton Fairgrounds, and Our Ranch, Dayton WA,



Janet @ 509-520-7599

Horsemanship Private Online Lessons

A Lesson at Your Barn


Year Round


You at your barn and us at our barn.



Janet @ 509-520-7599

More Fun With Working Equitation and Cattle - 4 Saturdays

Limit 6 Participants 


​May 14, 21, June 4, 11, 2022


Foothills of the Blue Mountains near Dayton WA



Janet @ 509-520-7599

2-Day Horsemanship/Working Equitation Cattle At Our Ranch

Limit 6 Participants


June 18-19, 2022

June 25-26, 2022 - FULL


Foothills of the Blue Mountains near Dayton WA



Janet @ 509-520-7599

Week Long Horsemanship Working Equitation EOH & Cattle At Our Ranch

Limit 6 Participants


July 25-29, 2022

August 15-19, 2022

September 5-9, 2022


Foothills of the Blue Mountains near Dayton WA



Janet @ 509-520-7599

Horsemanship Clinic At Our Ranch - Plan Your Own

Limit 6 Participants




Foothills of the Blue Mountains near Dayton WA



Janet @ 509-520-7599

“Time spent with my horse not only improves my life, but all those around me.”


If the above statement best describes you, then you will love our clinics.


Clinics/Lessons At Our Ranch

If you haven’t read About Us, we invite you to do so now.

Using Working Equitation Obstacles, Cattle, our fields and forest as our playground ensures fun, connection, while increasing skills.

Horsemanship is a fun journey of discovery of ourselves and our horses.


Our goal is to help our students to find better harmony within themselves, their horse partnerships, working with the cattle, and a team. We believe it starts with ourselves. 

Increasing our skill level opens the door to new and exciting experiences for both you and your horse. Developing awareness and deeper connection through the communication is not always easy, but the horse is always honest. As we learn to be honest with ourselves, harmony seems to show up almost effortlessly.

Find what feels good and being in the moment is how the horse lives. We practice riding this way too. Honesty and awareness are key to be able to easily find what feels good. Expansion brings uncertainty, practice, patience, calm persistence brings harmony.

We believe that each person has what they need inside to take positive small steps.

Laughing at ourselves is important. 

Our Horsemanship Philosophy

Each day we:

  • Visit over coffee or tea about topics to open our minds to better understand ourselves and our horses and our riding methods.

  • Improve our skills to develop the horse through movements and exercises in an arena using patterns and obstacles.

  • Work with cattle or ride outside in the fields and forests. 

  • Take time to reflect about our experiences and share.

Safety, fun and building trust and confidence are a very important part of successful learning.

A few kind words from one of our clients from a clinic held here.

“Your hospitality was the highlight of the clinic.”

“I am super happy with my horse and myself.”

Our Daily Clinic Approach
  • 7:30 AM Visit about horsemanship topics that open our minds for the days experiences.

  • 9:00 AM Group and private lessons developing our skills and understandings in an arena

  • 12:00 PM Lunch.

  • 1:30 PM Ride outside or work with cattle developing trust, confidence and testing our skills.

  • 4:30 PM Processing time, shower time, dinner prep time and take care of horse time.

  • 6:00 PM Dinner and Reflection on the day.

  • 7:00 PM Presentation for the next day.


We offer two and five day clinics here at our ranch.  The price is $400 for the two-day and $1125 for the five-day clinics.

A $300 non-refundable deposit holds your reservation. Final payment due thirty days prior to the clinic.

Typical Daily Clinic Schedule


Our ranch is in the upper foothills of the Blue Mountains at around 3400 feet elevation near Dayton, Washington. We chose this location for the purpose of creating a livestock and horsemanship facility that would offer unlimited experiences for deepening the connection between the horse and rider. It has proven to be perfect for this purpose.

We have developed this peaceful property to include a safe and comfortable covered arena, horse corrals, other outdoor corrals for riding and cattle working. Our round pens are ideal for practicing and perfecting basic horsemanship skills. Riding through the naturalness of the land around the facility gives us opportunities for putting skills to work. Moving and sorting cattle is yet another fun way to strengthen our understanding. All this brings about experiences that build a more confident partnership.

Our goal is that you feel safe, comfortable, and connect to nature. Currently, we have an outdoor shower, outhouse and shared outdoor cooking area. Accommodations for vehicle and tent camping are also here.  Experience our comfortable off grid solar living.

2022 Clinic Week Long Dates
  • July 25-29

  • August 15-19

  • September 5-9

Horsemanship Lessons

Regular lessons will help you further your partnership, building greater trust, confidence and skills. 


We will focus on both groundwork and ridden exercises, going deeper, creating a more responsive and happy horse. Each partnership will practice at their level, furthering their skills, understanding, and abilities. 


The location will be at the Dayton Fairgrounds indoor arena November - May, and at our ranch in the foothills of the Blue Mountains May - October.

You can also stream live video for online private lessons from your own barn.


The price is $75 for Private and $50 for the Semi-Private (2 riders) lesson.

$10.00 per hour for private use arena fees.

Text or email to schedule your lesson.


Cattle Working Ranch Style

Come ride with us and learn the ins and outs of working cattle ranch style. Experience reading and moving cattle in a way a cow man would appreciate. All this and two amazing instructors.

Learning a way to work with cattle in this way develops skills that you can use to perform the cattle trial in Working Equitation.

We believe that learning to read the cattle, along with artful riding, offers not only fun but also improves the connection with your horse.


If you would like to host an Inspired Horseman clinic,

we would enjoy hearing from you

Robert Phinney - (509)520-8777

Janet Phinney - (509)520-7599

More Fun With Working Equitation

Experiencing more FUN using obstacles and cattle is our focus for this series of 4 classes.

Developing good communication between you and your horse that these things become easy, and harmonious. And did we mention, FUN!!!

It's been said that Working Equitation is like "Classical Dressage on Steroids"
And that's a pretty good description.
Not just Fun, but potential for a true "High School" Journey...

Through a deeper understanding of self and your horse while working with a variety of life's obstacles, true harmony just happens.

Limit 6 partnerships

Prior cattle or working equitation experience welcome but not necessary. We are very good at helping you and your horse to be comfortable with cattle. No "ram and jam" here.

Prerequisite: You are comfortable with Walk, Trot, Canter and Halt, and you are not needing to be rescued.

$400 for the series or $125 per class.

10am -12 - Working with obstacles and patterns
12 Lunch
1-3 - Working with cattle