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Clinics are a fabulous way to gain both knowledge and experience quickly.  We offer clinics here at our ranch, Star, ID, and we host a Buck Brannaman Clinic once a year in Dayton, Washington.


If you haven’t read About Us, we invite you to do so now.

Below are several statements that best describe our philosophy.

  • Ask with as little as you would like it to take and then adjust to help the horse understand.

  • It is the Reward that teaches the horse, not the asking.  Reward often. When progress is slow, Reward even more.

  • Observe, compare and adjust  is part of the learning process.  You both need the freedom to make mistakes and the time to learn.  Repetition and practice are extremely important.

  • Attitude is everything.

  • Always know that your horse is doing what he is rewarded to do.  Build upon it without discouraging his try.

  • The horse moves his feet to find safety and comfort.  Never take this away from him.

  • Break the teachings down into small digestible steps.

  • Study

  • Believe in both you and your horse.

  • Have a clear intention.  This gets clearer with practice

Our Horsemanship Philosophy

Each day has four components in our approach.

  • Improve your skills to develop the horse through movements and exercises.  

  • Learn to better understand your horse.

  • Learn to better understand yourself to be a better leader.

  • We provide situations to create experiences that bring the above teachings into reality so that learning takes hold for you.

Safety and fun  and building trust and confidence are a very important part of successful learning.

A few kind words from one of our clients from a clinic held here.

“Your hospitality was the highlight of the clinic.”

“I am super happy with my horse and myself.”

Our Teaching Approach
Typical Daily Schedule

Our ranch is located in the upper foothills of the Blue Mountains at around 3400 feet elevation not far from Dayton, Washington. We chose this location for the purpose of creating a livestock and horsemanship facility that would offer unlimited experiences for deepening the connection between the horse and rider. It has proven to be perfect for this purpose.

We have developed this peaceful property to include a safe and comfortable covered arena, horse corrals, other outdoor corrals for riding and cattle working. Our round pens are ideal for practicing and perfecting basic horsemanship skills. Riding through the naturalness of the land around the facility gives us opportunities for putting skills to work. Moving and sorting cattle is yet another fun way to strengthen our understanding. All this brings about experiences that  build a more trustful and confident partnership.

We continue to develop the people amenities here at our ranch. Our goal is that you feel safe, comfortable, and connect to nature. Currently, we have an outdoor shower, outhouse and shared outdoor cooking area. Accommodations for vehicle and tent camping are also here.  Experience our comfortable off grid solar living.

Clinic Dates
  • July 12-14

  • July 26-28

  • August 5-9

  • August 23-25

  • September 6-8

  • September 21-22

  • Oct 12-13, Star ID