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A ray of sunshine came in the most unexpected place.

Yesterday was a very rainy day, after several rainy days. We are so incredibly wet, and it is a record. Robert and I woke feeling like we would just hibernate the day away, trying to escape our feelings of frustration of wanting to be outside riding and working on our place. Our teaching here has been halted with all this weather adding to what we think is our struggles.

A ray of sunshine came in the most unexpected place. Three of our horses were shivering a lot when I went out to feed breakfast, so I took them into our saddle up area, gave them hay in our feeders and put coolers on them. I left them to eat and came back later to check on them and realized they were better but still cold backed and a bit grumpy. It was cold out so even though they were no longer shivering they were feeling a bit uncomfortable. This doesn't seem to

be adding up to a bit of sunshine does it. In fact, I noticed that the other 4 horses were now shivering, and I didn't have enough space to bring them all in. I wanted to just hang out in my nice warm house and do some reading and cleaning, but I couldn't enjoy myself knowing my horses were uncomfortable.

The cold and wet weather required me to get outside of my comfort zone and be open by causing me to spend time with my horses in a way I wouldn't have. And guess what, some really cool stuff happened. I connected better to Ruby who didn't want to move by helping her let go of feeling tight. She gave me the most beautiful extended trot. I connected better to Nikko who was tight too and his expression was to be full of himself. He operated with such great feel from my lead rope easily moving in any direction I asked with ease and balance. I connected better to Annie by helping her walk a simple circle in better balance by using a long whip as a reference point for her to connect to. We all discovered new things by allowing spirit to flow through us in a new way. A ray of sunshine flowed through me out toward my horses, and we had great experiences.

"When you try to justify where you are by pointing out how bad things are, you are headed in the wrong direction. Reach for the thought that feels better and allow the natural Well-Being that is yours." -- Ester Hicks

It is often said that challenges are what make us grow. I didn't set out to conquer a challenge. I just opened myself up to find joy in a new way. The hardest part, honestly, was just not thinking about being inside where it was warm. The rest of me took care of the joy. I didn't so much work at reaching for a thought that felt better, as I didn't settle on thinking thoughts that were negative and that allowed the natural Well-Being in me to express itself.

Here is to better trails.


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