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What if I am open to all thoughts and tries

The idea of being open is not a new one. Sages teach this, and masters live it. Being open to the moment brings in more thoughts, feelings and then actions to choose from. It is an expansive and calm way of living, and riding. When you are open to your horse's tries, he doesn't feel a push back to them, he doesn't feel a reward for them either. So, he keeps trying, but from a place of curiosity and flow. You might find yourself saying, that is interesting, is there something more? And you might find your ego saying, oh yuk I do not want that and you feel a urge to push against it, but then you remember, be open, just let this one go, and allow the next one to come.

This is a great way to meditate about your ride a head of time. You have an idea of what you would like to experience and a result you would like to see manifest. Meditating puts you in a calm state that offers more freedom to be open to all thoughts that might come in when you visualize your ride. It is easier to let them go, especially if ones have happened in the past that are uncomfortable. As you visualize and let the less desirable ones go, then new ones come to you, and will keep coming as long as you are open. Then you can pick the thoughts and ideas that most excite you. Practicing this helps me stay open when I ride, for it is often the idea I pick in meditation or visualizing is only an idea in a better direction and during the actual ride even better tries come from the horse and I am ready to stay open and allow a greater self-expression of both me and my horse. This is what I call connection. It is riding in a space that allows greater self-expression to flow.

Here is a picture of me riding Nikko. He is being very thoughtful practicing slow steps to develop balance.

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